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For many years I was a speech and drama teacher. I love the art of teaching. Perhaps rather than teaching a better way of putting it is to say I aim to facilitate people in expressing their creativity. I am intrigued by the creative process, how we nurture it, how we block it and how, with encouragement, it flows. It seems always to make people feel better. Being in touch with our creativity is like being in touch with a vital spark that makes us feel alive. Very excited to be gain teaching the one year novel writing course. If you are interested for 2018 do get in touch.Email to find out more.
I teach an evening classes at Edinburgh University which runs Jan – April, and another running April until June, both focusing on the art and craft of writing children’s to find out more. For novel writing and short story workshops contact . The one year novel writing course runs in central Edinburgh, one Saturday/or one Sunday per month over 2017. Fee is £620. This is an excellent opportunity to write that novel, learn fiction writing techniques as you go and be part of a supportive group. Really excited to be collaborating – with my literary agent Kathryn Ross on a one day workshop on Saturday June 3rd – ‘the author and the agent.’ If you have a novel ready to test the water this day might be for you. £125 which includes feedback. We will ask you to send some writing ahead of the workshop. Am also offering a solstice retreat day together with author Jane Cormack called ‘for women who write.’ This one day retreat in the countryside will mix writing and self development practise for greater authenticity in your writing. £95. The day runs from 10.30am – 8pm on Saturday June 17th.
And for budding children writers I am offering a workshop for children age 8 – 15 on Saturday 7th October from 2 – 4pm. This is held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Phone them on 0131 556 9579 to book a place.
I am also offering one to one tutorials. A tutorial consists of the writer sending me some of their writing which I read and give written feedback on, followed up by a face to face meeting to discuss the writing. £250 per tutorial. I am also offering individual creative writing workshops. £600 for the day. Email me to find out more about these opportunities. contact me on

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