Out now the third in the time travel trilogy – THE UNLIKELY TIME TRAVELLER.
AND ‘WILD SONG’ IS OUT – PUBLISHED BY PICCADILLY. Nominated for a Carnegie medal, and also available in French – published here by L’Editions Fleurus.

My Books

Time Traveller Series

The Accidental Time Traveler The Accidental Time traveller
‘The Accidental Time traveller,’ is the winner of the 2013 Scottish Children’s Book Awards; voted for by 38,000 children!‘
Trapped in the present, her life in the past. can Saul get Agatha back to WHEN she belongs?’
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The Reluctant Time Traveller The Reluctant Time Traveller
This new book follows the award winning ‘Accidental Time Traveller’ but in this story the main characters – Saul and Agnes – who live in our time have a problem on their hands. Their den is about to be destroyed to make way for luxury houses – unless they act quick and find out who really does own the land and the den.

The Magnus Finn Trilogy

Magnus Fun - Ocean Quest Magnus Fun – Ocean Quest
Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest sees young Magnus Fin take his first plunge into the magical world of the selkies. He’s always known he was a bit different – but it’s only on his eleventh birthday he gets to find out just how different he is. Eleven is the age between the worlds – when you are not fully child and not fully adult.
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Magnus Fun - Moonlight Mission Magnus Fun – Moonlight Mission
Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission takes place in late autumn, unlike the first book which is set at midsummer. It was finding a large fridge washed up on the beach that gave me the idea for this book – and also, I’m afraid, finding deal seals washed up – and also uncovering information about increased illness found amongst the seal population.
Magnus Fun - Selkie Secret Magnus Fun – Selkie Secret
Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret takes us to the end of Magnus Fin’s year of being eleven. It is early summer – and while beachcombing Fin finds something buried under the sand. It glows. It hurts him. It sets him off on another adventure. This ‘thing’ in the sand, he believes, is some kind of treasure.
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Just Out!

wild2 Wild Song
latest novel and first with publisher Piccadilly Press – Wild Song is set in Finland – a story of adventure, escape and friendship. Delighted that this book is nominated for a Carnegie medal, and will be published in French. £6.99 from bookshops and online.
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Other Books

Wee Seal Wee Seal
This picture book is set on the Orkney islands and follows the courageous first few days in the life of a seal pup born on a small beach, and apparently left alone. Or is it alone? They don’t know who comes in the night and lies by its side till the morning light…
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The Selkie Girl The Selkie Girl
Floris books have brought out a new series – Traditional Tales, and here Janis Mackay retells the story of the Selkie wife, adapting it to suit children aged 4 – 7.
Fergus lives with his father in a lonely cottage down by the shore. Fergus loves collecting shells and treasure brought in with the tide – until one day he finds a soft and strange fur draped over a stone. He scoops it up, thinking now the children in the village will be his friends, once they see the fine treasure he has found.
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