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Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest

Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission takes place in late autumn, unlike the first book which is set at midsummer. It was finding a large fridge washed up on the beach that gave me the idea for this book – and also, I’m afraid, finding deal seals washed up – and also uncovering information about increased illness found amongst the seal population. In this story the seals are dying and Magnus Fin sets out to find why. There’s a strange wild eyed thing deep under the sea. Is this the creature that’s poisoning the sea and poisoning the seals? Magnus Fin is not alone in his adventures. He has his American pal Tarkin who is doing his bit to help by stealing a boat but gets into trouble, then he is the one who needs saving. Then there is Magnus Fin’s selkie cousin Aquella. Together they manage to outwit the ocean dumpers – with many adventures on the way. And all under the pale shimmering face of the moon!