My voice workshops and creative writing therapy sessions

coffeeFor twenty years I studied speech and drama and worked as a voice teacher, specialising in storytelling and speaking poetry. My prime focus has shifted to creative writing but I still work as a voice teacher and can work with people privately and also with organisations. I work as a storyteller and voice coach for business people in organisations and twice a year co-facilitate a one day workshop entitled ‘Winning hearts and minds’ storytelling for organisational development, at Cranfield University.

I have also worked several times in this field in South Africa, contributing to an annual storytelling in organisations workshop. In this unique and inspiring work I often join forces with consultant and storyteller, Alexander Mackenzie, of

I offer one to one voice coaching for storytellers, to help them strengthen and invigorate the voice. For details of this contact me.

creative writing therapy sessions

I have an MA in creative writing and personal development. This enables me to work as a creative writing therapist, offering one to one sessions and group work. Creative writing as a therapy is fairly new and it is very exciting to be able to offer this healing, accesible and transformative work. The sessions last one and a half hours, are held in Edinburgh and the Borders, and are particularly suitable for people who would like to be more in touch with their deeper selves, with their story, and with their well-being. The sessions cost £50, and a course of six sessions is recommended. The poet, Seamus Heaney, talked about digging, not with the spade as his ancestors did, but with the pen. Writing in a creative and free way helps us to dig, to uncover, to sift and to sort. It also – because the emphasis is on Creative writing – helps us free our imagination and puts us in touch with our creative, alive and well selves.

If you are interested in pursuing this contact me on All communications are treated with utmost respect and confidence.

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