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Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest

Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest sees young Magnus Fin take his first plunge into the magical world of the selkies. He’s always known he was a bit different – but it’s only on his eleventh birthday he gets to find out just how different he is. Eleven is the age between the worlds – when you are not fully child and not fully adult. Magnus Fin, who has one green eye and one brown (green for the sea and brown for the land) is born of a human mother and selkie father. That gives him a foot in both worlds. Into the wonderful watery world he jumps, breaking through into the selkie world. But for the selkies Magnus Fin is a hero. They have high hopes for him. Can he free them from the evil monster, the false king, that is threatening the sea and all its creatures? Join Magnus Fin in an underwater adventure – and find out!