Kindling the Creative


Kindling the Creative


A modular correspondence course for people who wish to spark their creativity and gain the tools of the fiction writer’s craft, in order to write a novel, or short story. Janis Mackay, an award-winning novelist and experienced and inspiring creative writing tutor, will guide students through this stimulating creative process and will give feedback on the fruits of each module. Students taking this course take it at their own pace, receiving the next module when the previous module’s course work is sent in. The course is designed to guide people to see, feel and hear the world as a writer, and to find an expressive voice on the page that is authentic and strong. Whether you would like to write a novel, write short stories, or simply explore words and writing in a free and playful way this course will offer you the guidance to do just that.

This course consists of six modules;

  1. Warm-up exercises to spark creativity. Free flow.

  2. Discovering fictional characters and what drives them. Desire.

  3. Fictional characters and what’s stopping them. Conflict.

  4. A sensory sense of place. Authentic settings.

  5. Whose story is it? Point of view.

  6. Make it dramatic. Make it real. Show & tell.

This course ‘Kindling the Creative’ costs £240. Simply follow the pay instructions to enrol. I will then respond with the first module, and off we go!

‘If you’ve not got round to writing that novel then book on this course. It will inspire and motivate you and Janis will teach you the craft of writing in such a way that you can’t help put pen to paper.’ Carmel Kennedy.

‘Janis’s impartial but constructive criticism made me think about what I wasn’t addressing in my novel. It feels great to now have a first draft to work on!’ Megan Hughes.

  • Photo - Robin Gillanders

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