Writing Children's Fiction

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Writing Children's Fiction


In this six module course students will gain a grounding in the art and craft of writing children’s fiction and be given the opportunity to develop their writing and receive feedback on it. This course will be of benefit for people new to writing children’s fiction, but also of value to people with some experience, wishing to hone their skills. The course will introduce the different age categories that need to be consider when writing for this age group, also the different genres. We will explore memories of our own childhood, using this as a springboard into a piece of contemporary children’s fiction. We will look at how to create strong fictional characters and how to anchor the story in well-paced action and dialogue. We will look at the importance of humour, adventure, and empathy.

We will travel the story journey from realism to fantasy and via the creative writing exercises students will generate a lot of writing and will develop some of this into more extended pieces of writing. Janis will give feedback on the fruits of each module, which students take at their own pace; the next module being sent out when the previous one is completed.

Module one. Mining memory. Remembering childhood. Storytelling.

Module two. Creating cracking characters.

Module three. The fantastic world of fantasy.

Module four. The gritty world of realism. Issue fiction.

Module five. Action and dialogue. Point of view.

Module six. Structuring your story. Conflict, plot and tension.

Janis is an award-winning writer for children, and has nine books published, and is an experienced creative writing tutor.

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