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Here you’ll find out about my books, storytelling sessions and, among other things, what Flora my collie dog is getting up to. You’ll also find out about my work as a voice and creative writing teacher, and how I used to live by the sea in the far north of Scotland and now live by a river in Edinburgh. Since winning the Kelpies prize in 2009 with my novel – Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest I have been on a wonderful sea, shore and seal adventure. I have visited over one hundred primary schools talking about being a writer and – more importantly – guiding pupils in imaginative writing workshops so they can write their own stories. I now have three Magnus Fin books, all published by Floris books, Edinburgh, www.florisbooks.co.uk  and my latest book – ‘The Accidental Time Traveller,’ won the Scottish Children’s Book Awards!!! Click on the link to see a short promotional film. Hope you enjoy it! http://youtu.be/7JyYRFicl-0  The sequel to this book – The Reluctant Time Traveller – comes out on August 21st 2014. Here Saul journeys back to 1914….  Book launch for The Reluctant Time Traveller is on 3rd September in Edinburgh. Want to come along? Let me know and I’ll send you an invite!

I am delighted to have my very own picture book for little ones. It is called ‘The Wee Seal,’ and based on a true story of when a seal pup was born in my front garden. I am also very happy to be launching ‘The Selkie girl’ September 2014. this is a re-telling of the hauntingly beautiful seal-girl story.

I hope you enjoy this site.